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Thursday, March 12, 2015

          Happy Anniversary ELECTRIC YOUTH...

  I remember opening night of the Electric Youth tour in Worcester Massachusetts.
It was extremely special for me because, although I had been dancing with Deb for over 2 years, I had missed the opening night of the “Out of the Blue” tour due to having mono. And I was unable to do the first month of that tour... So, this was my first REAL “opening night”.
 We had been rehearsing with Barry Lather for 2 weeks in Deb’s dance studio in her house ( it was FLAWLESS). Working with Barry was a dream come true. After all, he was the one who choreographed “Pleasure Principal” & “Control” for Janet Jackson, so I immediately felt like I somehow knew Janet. And Barry couldn’t have been nicer. He gave me my own “bit” in a song called “Don’t Flirt with Me” & I LOVED it.
 So, anyway...there I am backstage on opening night waiting to make my entrance.
Deb was at the top of the Castle ( the set was a castle) staircase, she waved at me & the band began to play. The lights started going wild & the sold-out crowd at the Worcester Centrum went BERSERK. The silhouette looking go-bo’s lit up these giant screens with projections of Deb in various poses. The middle screen was the last to be hit with a light, revealing Deb’s real shadow. The screen lifts up, she steps out of her shadow into the light and the audience let out a roar that I had never heard before in my life. And... I started to cry. Yup, there I was... backstage bawling like a baby. Hiding behind a pillar of the castle set wiping tears & trying to keep my Natural Wonder mascara out of my eyes.
 It was like a dream... Only it was real.
 So, anyway...she finishes the first song ( “who loves ya’ baby”) and it’s time for my entrance . As I walked in the dark to my spot, my eyes were clear, my body was ready & it was time to HIT IT.
  Our entrance had a pyro-technic explosion over our heads... so, with a huge FLASH of light,  “Over the Wall” started playing as we started to dance and I heard that ROAR again...with no tears. Just a smile.
Thousands of people throwing energy simultaneously in your direction is pretty addicting. I knew at that moment that I would somehow be doing this until my body gives out or until Deb stops performing.
I hope neither comes anytime soon.
LOVE you Deb...
Happy Anniversary ELECTRIC YOUTH.